Monochrome Explorations in Ireland

I’ve started out this 2019 in Ireland, exploring this ancient and dream-like land with my family. Exploring family roots and just spending time together.

I’ve started working on a number of projects while I’m here but one of the themes I’ve taken to is a simple monochrome series of this place and our relationship to it. Here’s a little of my work-in-progress…


PORTRAIT SERIES: Dimitri Petkov - Ottawa, Ontario.

This was photographed as part of a portrait demo a year or two back.

Shooting Dimitri "badass" or "epic" seemed a little to easy....Dimitri is both of those things, naturally. I wanted to shoot something a little more vulnerable; something with a little more feeling. I learned over a couple days of being around Dimitri that he's a fascinated, multi-faceted guy. He's got a look that stops traffic, but he's a person, first and foremost.

100 Images From 2018

It’s the time of year when many photographers look back on the year that’s been and to a certain degree reflect on what they’ve done, where they’re going, what themes and storylines emerged in their work.

I, as throughout my whole career, spent my 365 days shooting a mixed bag of passion projects, travel, commercial, editorial, portrait, and wildlife work. I thought about presenting a small series of collections, each on the theme….but my theme, for better or worse, is “photography”, not genres within photography, so I’m just going to stay on point and present my mixed bag.

I have no clue if these are my “best”. They’re just images that I like, from across time, place, and subject. They are memories and feelings and experiences. They are me, and they are my year.

I hope something within resonates.


PS - a huge shout-out to two of my incredible sponsors, Sigma Canada and Strobepro Lighting. Every single one of these images was taken on a Sigma lens, and I can’t say enough about their line-up of lenses and what a great company they are. All of the portraits that used introduced lighting were all taken with Strobepro goodness - their products have transformed my work.

The Insomniac's Sunrise


This is not your typical sunrise image but it’s one of the sunrise images I’m most proud of.

First light, Antarctica peninsula earlier this year - probably about four in the morning. Everyone still and sleeping.

I couldn’t sleep and went and sit on a rock on the edge of the water and just sat, alone. And listened to life. Ice cracking, penguins sleeping. Gentle whisper of the wind. The occasional pod of seals would swim by.

Eventually, light made her appearance and kissed me good morning. This is the sunrise that gave me all the feels.

Slices + Abstractions

There’s always work I do that doesn’t fit neatly into a box. It’s work that isn’t quite this…and isn’t quite that. But it’s work I love: scenes I see and moments that deserve my attention. So here’s a small post with some of those images. I’m going to call it Slices + Abstractions. Because that sounds properly pretentious….