So, We're Writing A Book!

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Elena Bazini, Erin Brosha, Dave Brosha

Elena Bazini, Erin Brosha, Dave Brosha


What will this book be about? A book about living your life as a creative soul...but to take a step further, a book about living a life simply walking your own independent path. A book about being able to say f*ck the "traditional" life that is sometimes the only life that seems to be presented to us as a society.

Well this book is happening, and it's started - and it’s going to be a 360-degree approach to the subject. What does it look like for us? What does it look like for other creative professionals also living an independent life? What does it look like to be an equal part of a team in making a life like this happen?

This book will feature insights from creative professionals, independent souls, and the incredibly supportive people that is the glue that holds it all together.


DAVE BROSHA - Dave is a photographer, writer, father, explorer, and educator living on Canada’s Prince Edward Island. He has kissed the Blarney Stone and now writes way too many words.

ERIN BROSHA - Erin is a Logistics Manager for OFFBEAT, an international photography tour/travel company and community, mother, organizational force, and loyal soul from Canada’s Prince Edward Island. She speaks English, French, and Golden Doodle.

ELENA BAZINI - Elena Bazini is a passionate photographer, successful business owner and creative storyteller based in Chicago, Illinois. She considers herself raised on coffee, rock and roll, and the belief that life is truly what you make it. Photography has taken her down a unique path, and she has been striving towards the independent lifestyle ever since.